There are many varieties of Velomobile. Frequently a hard shell body, some with "head in" where you are completely enclosed, some "head out" where there is a hard body from shoulders down, and your head above the body. Finally there is a more modular approach using non hard, stiffened materials to provide aerodynamics, weather protection, silent running, and transformable layout configurations.

Why is the latter approach relevant? To the right you see a Counterpoint Presto recumbent from 1990 which has a Velo system we were involved with consisting of a Carbon/Kevlar nose cone finished with a Darlex body sock, zipped up for rider weather protection, yet open underneath. As an initial test, this was ridden by a rider wearing a long sleeve cotton T Shirt, Lycra shorts, and a helmet in a Seattle downpour for 30 minutes. At the end, the rider was dry, and the open bottom design proved to deliver welcome ventilation, preventing any overheating. If you are intrigued, read on with this lens in place as we look at a 21st century evolution of the concept.

Counterpoint Presto w/ Roots In The Sky Velo kit, circa 1990.

The world is changing. Today’s fresh ideas from Germany’s Hase look different. And they sound different. Intelligent. Sustainable. And with a whole lot of built-in fun for everyday life.


Thanks to its design, the ANGLETECH / HASE VELOKLIMAX is the most maneuverable Velo on the market. It makes the city asphalt jungle just as fun to navigate as remote nature paths or untamed obstacle courses. Lumbar curve seat, linkage style under seat steering, weather protection, and multi cargo zones throughout the cycle.

We recently spent some time taking another look at the Velomobile concept. Riding a Hase system in LA, the conclusions were:

-- Super stable handling that can be pushed to the limit without any unpleasant surprises

-- Excellent visibility all around as well as being seen

-- The aerodynamic profile guides the wind and other elements around you. No harsh encounters

Welcome gentile ventilation from underneath, tempered by the aerodynamic
guidance of the fairing.

A benefit from using "soft" materials in designs like this is the quiet ride
often treasured while cycling. Hard shell designs are like a speaker box
of mechanical sounds and road rumble. The VeloKlimax displays its
refined nature by its quiet travel and no audio drama.

The pivoting up fairing makes entry and exit easy, anchoring with a grommet
at your side. 2 glove box like fender packs are conveniently located for the
small items required on short notice

The well conceived Kettweisel trike is the basis of the VeloKlimax. All the
other ingredients modularly transform it into the most versatile of Velomobile's
for all conditions.

An electric assist option takes the drivetrain to the next level without interfering with the quiet integrated drive system of the cycle.

-- Weather tight Poncho keeps you
dry, easily removable for the hot season

Lower weather shield keeping cold
breeze and the road spray out

The AngleTech AeroTrunk completes the VeloKlimax package providing a 2-3
mph speed advantage while providing generous cargo compartments for
clothing, laptop computer or iPad, hydration compartment, replete with waterproof zippers, reflective perimeter, tailight mount, and easy quick release for off the cycle versatility.



For the finish, AngleTech Techwind Panniers add additional cargo capacity with a performance benefit, in fact, a 7% advantage over no panniers going in to the wind and the square backside provides a boost when the tailwind shows up. Their location on the cycle further guides the wind and weather around the riders position for additional comfort.